Sunday, 6 May 2012


OK, so I have been spending a little too much time dragging my poor man around all the vintage shops of late! There, I said it! I hate to see his handsome face look so bored heehee, but I'm a lucky gal; he always gets involved!

Yes, it was yet ANOTHER cold & dreary-looking May day today. Yet the grey skies & crisp air seemed to give birth to some sun-shine; all gleaming & bright. Not from the sky above,but hiding all safe & warm inside none-other than the vintage shop of wonder that is ROKIT VINTAGE CLOTHING... Ahhh yes, Rokit ♥ A fave of mine for many a year. Today we ventured into it's retro depths, like a time machine almost; fashion era flashing past me, before my very eyes, whispering voices of previous owners echo in my ears...  I love how the mind wonders, imagining what the previous owner may have looked like? As an archaeologist, I think it's clear that I love all this ancient & old, but something about the past speaks to me through vintage clothing. It is a little creepy to some; who wore this, what happened to them in it & all that jazz, but excavating in the pouring rain & unearthing ancient burial sites, camps & objects is what I do, so a prom dress from the 1950s that belonged to some chick called Mary-Lou just ain't gonna faze me one bit, hahaha!

What really appeals to me more than anything about vintage garments is just how beautifully made most of them are; the quality, fabric & detail, unlike the mass-produced high street items of today... Ok, we all love a bit of Primark & Topshop, but I just don't want to walk down the street & see 50 other random women wearing the same thing as me, especially if they look so much better in it than me :-(

So, my search was in full swing. Vintage dress here, vintage dress there! Mind mind was dizzy with choice. But there, on a rack near the front of the shop, lay the most prettiest items I have ever purchased ♥ "Perfect!" I squealed. This is just what I was looking for, for my new look... Pink, check. Cute, check. Perfect length, colour, style, everything & a rarity for me; a perfect fit! Almost like they were made for me. I turned to my man; this Greek god & his stunning, award-winning smile & Elvis hair. With his yummy, deep voice, grabs me close to his perfect, 6"4 body (bear in mind I'm a titchy 5"2) & says "aaaw, my little baby, you'd look so beautiful in that!" I just adore everything about him & his angel heart! What a loving man!!! So with the hunt for the perfect 60s Priscilla Presley-esqe look, which entails the whole Valley of the Dolls, Marina & The Diamonds wardrobe in mind, I grabbed the vintage wonders & trotted to the nearest changing corner with a curtain :-/ With my man on guard outside, as the curtains a little see-through, shall we say, I slid into dress after dress, beaming with delight as each piece felt & look perfect! I certainly have been lucky enough to come across a few gorgeous, vintage finds over the past few days...

Up to the till point we went, as always, my gentleman going to pay for everything ♥ With a "No baby, you always treat me, I wanna...", I finally convinced him I'd pay & we left the store.... I don't always go mental & get loads of things, especially as some things are a little pricey at times, but I treated myself this time. But not without buying everyone I love some prezzies first, of course ♥

Here ladies, is the final result of my vintage splurge:

Sequin 'S Leaf' Cardigan with pearls...
Size 12.

CUTEST retro make-up find in a charity shop in Camden...
I had one just like this as a little girl!

Stunning vintage, baby pink 'Summer Rose' dress.
Size 12. Fitted around bust & waist, flowing looser at hip.

Close-up of the rose detail...

Dusky pink, vintage, strappy 'Marilyn' wiggle dress.
Size 12. VERY fitted! Need to suck it all in with this one :-/

Amazing vintage find! This is my 'Egyptian' belt...

The pic doesn't do it justice!
A beautiful, vintage, baby pink 'Icecream' dress, with button detail.
Size 12.

Close-up of the button & swirly, sewn-on pattern...

Perfect, vintage, pink silk with lace detail 'Starlett' nightie.
Size 12.

Pretty, pink, silk, vintage pettyslip with lace detail.
Size 12.

Thought you'd also might like to feast your peepers on these latest ebay vintage buys, too...

                   Close-Up Of The Gold Medusa Head & Greek Key
        (Meander Pattern),That Adorns the Front Of The Shoe!
                                               L O V E


                                                                   Lots of Love,
                                         Lover-Doll Presley.
                                                 x TCB x

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  1. Beautiful clothes - my favourite has to be the rose dress :D xxx