Thursday, 10 May 2012

♥ In A 'Blaize' Of Glory ♥

"I’d always been interested in 1950’s style glamour. I’d always wanted to be the sort of  'bombshell' sex symbol that you got in the films of that time. Old style striptease with exotic costumes and more tease than strip was very glamorous and appealing to me. I taught myself
how to tassel twirl, fan dance etc at home in front of the mirror...
I’m a sexy size 12 and proud of it! One of the things I love
about the older glamourn girls is that they had
curves and were not forced by body
fascists into becoming
It's time to put down our glittery, pink feathered fans & peel off our diamante-embellished pasties as we bid au revoir mon amour, a la prochaine, to Burlesque Week on Sky Arts 1...

Britain & Europe's top Showgirl & Burlesque Queen, Immodesty Blaize, gracefully took center stage with what can only be described as high-voltage glamour this week & presented her very own exploration of the decadent, glamorous world of the British burlesque scene, in 'Burlesque Undressed'; the first burlesque cinematic documentary that was screened world-wide in over 30 countries! With her intelligent & diverse knowledge, Miss. Blaize declared to the viewers that indeed burlesque female performances of the seductively undressing kind, is an art form within itself & not just a bunch of over-dazzled strippers. Immodesty Blaize went on to examine the resurgence of burlesque in recent years & its ever-growing popularity.

Burlesque Undressed - Sky Arts HD

We are all familiar with the beauty & performance of Dita Von Teese, the U.S' numero un burlesque queen, but she may have to watch her curves, as this softly, eloquently-
spoken, Sophia Loren-esque burley q is coming-up a close, glittering second...
Undeniably, over the last decade, Miss. Blaize has spearheaded the 'burlesque renaissance' & its emergence in Europe. Starring in stunning shows across the world & adorning the stages with her sumptuous curves that we can only dream of having ourselves, Blaize began to appear in beautiful & historic theatres, such as the Royal Opera House London & the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Immodesty Blaize has performed for prestigious clientele including the likes of Cartier & Dior.
Immodesty Blaize owes her classic beauty to her ethnic heritage; Croatian, Russian & Irish...
It was by 2005, that Blaize & her 20" corseted waist, brought the seductive genre back to the West End Stage. With her spectacular showpieces & elaborate, ornate costumes, she began to showcase her own, unique & titillating series of 'Teese Shows'; something Britain hadn't seen since burlesque's untimely death in the 1950s, when film & live sex shows began to emerge.
 But the pinnacle of her career & undeniably proudest moment was to come in Las Vegas in 2007, when Immodesty Blaize became the first ever European artiste to be crowned the "Reining Queen of Burlesque" in the Burlesque Hall of Fame. This was followed by her becoming EMI's first ever, non-music signing!
So without further ado, I present the wonderful, Immodesty Blaize.
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                                        Lover-Doll Presley.
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  1. Great post :) love the pictures of Immodesty Blaize - yet another lady who has the polished glamour look down to a tee. xxx

    1. Thanks honey, really appreciate you leaving a comment!

      She really is, isn't she? Great to see some British burlesque royalty <3