Friday, 4 May 2012

♥ My Legs Are Famous!! ♥

Whilst scrambling through the many pics of the Dita launch that were uploaded to Liberty London's Facebook page, I came across a very familiar pair of legs, shoes & stockings... MINE! Hehehe, my legs are officially famous!!!
Here's the link to the pic...!/photo.php?fbid=10150695761827471&set=a.10150695736287471.403928.52227762470&type=3&theater

... And a few professional, pap-snaps of miss Von Teese on the day.
'The stockings were out in force...

Dita Von Teese launched her perfume exclusively here in store this morning

Hayley-Marie Phinikas.'

My now famous pins © Liberty London...

© James McCauley
© James McCauley

© James McCauley

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