Sunday, 6 May 2012

♥ Boudoir Beauty Is Back ♥

"At last-", I exhaled loudly, websearching my way through many vintage hotspots online, whilst chomping on my raspberry flavoured ice-pole, clearly in denial that it's oh-so cold & rainy outside... At last indeed! Vintage beauty parlours & retro powder rooms are back in style & are here to stay...

Beauty parlours are no longer a thing of the past. Retro beauties everywhere are trotting down to the nearest professional powder room in their slinky kitten heels to get their pretty tootsies polished, their luscious locks coiffed & their faces primed & puffed to cosmetic perfection.

Although the best things in life are most certainly free & we are all beautiful in our own, different & unique ways, there is no harm in getting a little help every now & then from what I like to refer to as 'Mother Nature's Fairies'; the shiny, smiley professionals now, is there?

I have chipped my polished tooties & 'half moon' painted talons, messed-up my sixties-esque coiffed mane & dirtied my pink, fitted sundress in search for the cuteset, most vintage & pleasant beauty boudoirs & powder parlours in all the land... Well, in Central London anyways ;-P

Ladies *drum-roll, if you please*... I bring you my top three faves...


Ahhhh, what the inside of my brain looks like....
'The Powderpuff Girls' of the London-based 'The Powder Room', was created in 2005 by the professional make-up artist & former ballet dancer, Katie Reynolds. With over ten years of extensive experience in theater, television & film, this tippie-toed lovely decided to form a team of crime-against-beauty fighting starlettes & aim to change the tiring face of modern-day beauties. The team consist of not only professional make-up artists, but manicurists, massage therapists & hair stylists.

Clad in sassy, pink & stylish 1950s uniforms, with not a volumous, luscious lash outta place, these vintage vixens are on-hand to add that extra-special 'je ne sais quoi' to any honey that walks through their doors; be it a quick-fix, special date night or a wedding...

Here is what they have to say about themselves...

"A gorgeous retro beauty haven offering quick fixes, luxurious treatments and cool event services located on Marshall Street in the Newburgh Quarter and Columbia Road in the heart of Shoreditch.

Let the Powderpuff Girls work their magic with tweaking your make-up, styling your hair and doing your nails with prices starting at an amazing £20 for an updo. Perfect for if you work in London's West End or are in town for the day and want to glam up for the evening or for a weekend retreat in the East end. You can even change your outfit and they will courier back your belongings to you the next day!"

                    You can join their Facebook group at:

        Equally you can find their blog right here at BlogSpot

To see one of the powder-puffers in action with you very own sparkling peepers, check-out their Youtube video uploaded by TimeOutLondon, called 'How to get 1960s make up: A 5 minute tutorial': .

Ladies, now to coin a phrase of these parlour princesses... "It is your duty to be beautiful!"

Next, another pwoisinal fave of mine...

'Lost in Beauty'... Indeed I am! This quaint, unique, delectable boutique tastefully celebrates the art of beauty & all those who sail on her.

Started by glamorous make-up artist Georgie Hamed, Lost in Beauty seems ro cater for most, form the 'beauty novice' to the total, hopeless, no-going-back 'beauty junkie'. Not only does Lost offer & sell some of the best products and treatments around these here parts, but also offeres some of the best advice, straight to you by Ms. Hamed's crew of 'A list therapists and stylists'.

In here you seem to find everything you need to not only look hot, but you can feast your hungry eyes on a wonderful selection of classic, top-end beauty products tosuit your every whim; be it hair, nails, cosmetics, bathroom wonders & super lovely accessories. Not to mention a rather unique array of product for baby & even men's grooming. This is paradise, surely?

LIB also offers 'The Beauty Club' experience & service; w
here their studio is hired-out for numerous events, including beauty consultations for nails, make-up, eyebrow threading & hair services, from cutting, colouring to styling, all in one delectable space...

"An opulent riot of glamour & fun!" says Harper's Bazaar.
So Lindy-Hop down to the ever-so trendy Primmy Hill dahling & let the 'Lost in Beauty' team smother you with their infectious love for beauty. Equally hire their special services also where they can unpack their over-flowing vanity cases full of "lipsticks, powder & paint" & you can allow them to create a seductive boudoir at your chosen venue. Lost in Beauty is certainly can assure you that everyone will enjoy a mouth-watering slice of glitzy, old-school glamour!
Check them out on Facebook
Last, but by no means least ladies...
Specialists in 'Vintage Styling', this rather stunning, premiere vintage hair & make-up styling team, aptly named 'Lipstick & Curls', never fail to tickle your nose with their delicate powder puffs & rouge those silky cheeks.  
Founder of this retro parlour, Amanda Moorhouse, has studied at London Collge of Fashion (LCF) & specialised in Hair & Make-up degree. After 10 long years working in both fashion and media, this vintage beauty decided enough was enough & armed with her love of all things vintage & a burning, ardent falme of desire to make this ol' world a far more glamorous place, Moorhouse decided it was high-time to set up her wonderful Lipstick & Curls...
From is humble beginnings, L&C has impressively evolved into a hard-working, glamrous team of 15, fully trained hair & make-up artists; all of whom are experts in 'vintage styling'. Uniquely, these Retro Ritas are known for impressively bein able to create 'any look' from those bygone eras.

Specialising in the art of perfecting & retro-fying hair & make-up, L&C can & will transform your girl next door into a sizzling, 50's Hollywood starlet 7 a plain Jane into a smouldering Brigitte Bardot.

Lipstick & Curls have worked in film, for many a burlesque artist & all those celebrities who yearn to perfect a look of a far more glamorous, bygone age.

Main site

Now, if you'll excuse me ladies, I'm about to depart your company-it's Vintage Styling time!!!!

Lots of Love,
Lover-Doll Presley.
x TCB x

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