Friday, 4 May 2012

♥ OMG! I Actually Met Dita Von Teese! ♥

WOW!!! I still can't believe it!!!!

For those of you who are familiar with & love things Burlesque & Neo-Burlesque, like myself, then when I seductively whisper, well type, the most famous name in Burlesque, 'Dita Von Teese' , conjured images of pink fans, nipple tassells, giant martini glasses & an array of  stunning, vintage costumes will come to mind...

                       Documentary 'DITA VON TEESE: THE UNVEILED BEAUTY'

On the 1st May, Dita Von Teese launched her first perfume & signature scent 'Dita Von Teese', at the luxury department store Liberty in London. From 10am-12pm, the decadent beauty personally signed purchased bottles & postcards of her image to hundreds of adoring fans, I myself being one of the very lucky ones...

My friend Soraya & I queued for a good hour or so in the cold, drzzly London streets outside Liberty, as the paps clambered over each other to get a few snaps of the glamour goddess as she arrived.

At just gone 10am, Miss Von Teese graced us with her presence in undoubted style, arriving in a beautiful, black vintage car. Silently & elegantly, she emerged from the confines of the vintage mobile, wearing a stunning, emerald green gown designed by
Herve Leroux. With her entourage of handsomely dressed butlers, Dita was escorted into the main entrance of Liberty...

The almost electric undercurrent of group anticipation was brewing... When the wait was finally over, I purchased my perfume & began to walk over to Dita! I just didn't know what to say, I was star-struck! It's funny cause you plan all the compliments you want to say then when the moment comes, you're pretty speechless. That's very rare for me :-P There she sat, immaculately presented, as always, at a beautifully dressed table with crimson red roses adorning a vintage vase, her porcelain skin glowing. We made small talk when I finally managed to utter the words "Hello Dita! So lovely to meet you... You're so wonderfully glamorous, you look amazing. Lovely to meet you Dita." To that she answered in her soft, calm, tone "Thank-you! Thanks so much for coming today, you look lovely... Is that 'Hayley-Marie?' Hhmmmm, such a pretty name... It was so lovely to meet you too!"  I was so excited! She actually looked into my eyes & spoke to me :-D Of course, no day in my life can ever be smooth or go by without some sort of catastrophe or embarrassment. So, in my usual, ditsy style, I marked the event with what I call a 'Hayley-ism' (my name being Hayley-Marie). So after purchasing the perfume & approaching Dita, a very kind member of the Liberty staff, offered to take a pic of us on m camera. But, I just had cause a problem. My camera wouldn't go on & we spent a good half a minute trying to make it work!!! Bear in mind that there's crowds of people getting impatient, not to mention Dita sitting there ready to sign. Finally, the camera worked & as I apologised to Dita she began to giggle, saying these things always happen! Pheeew! So gracious!

Such a fab & glam day that I'll never forget! I had the best time!!!

Here is the description of Dita's new fragrance:

'This extremely sensual perfume characterising all the facets of her personality, it evokes elegance, charm, sophistication, mystery and seduction. As a passionate collector of rare perfume bottles from the 1920s and 1930s, Dita sought to create perfume flacons to embody her dream of glamour, mystery and beauty. The black glass bottles are a homage to the 1930s; expressing her charisma and allure along with her love for all things vintage...'

All in all it was a fabulous day. I'm sure all of you who read this article & those of you who attended are in agreement with me when I say that on the 1st May 2012, Liberty London saw the likes of true burlesque royalty...

With Thanks to Liberty & to Dita & her entourage!

Purchase your own bottle of Dita's fragrance online here:


Luckily, my friend & I managed to get a good few shots of the lovely Von Teese & a personalised autograph & signed bottle of her exquisite fragrance. Here they are...

Lots of Love,
Lover-Doll Presley.
x TCB x

Myself & DITA!!!!

The people began to gather mid-morning...

First shot of Miss Von Teese emerging in all her elegance...

My signed postcard & perfum *squeel*

I have recently added the 'Dita Stripteese' Book to my collection, which contains a selection of 'flip books' which reveal Dita in motion performing...

                                                                       Lots of Love,
                                     ♥  Lover-Doll Presley ♥
                                                 x TCB x

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