Monday, 25 February 2013

♥ Fifi Chachnil Paris, London Boutique ♥

The first boutique to be opened outside of Paris by French lingerie designer, Fifi Chachnil.
48 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NX.
Our opening hours are : Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 am - 6.30 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday.

"The main function of the underwear we choose every morning is linked to our personal imagination, whether it be excessive or sweet. Lingerie can express a natural frivolity that deals with insolence and lightness of being."- FIFI CHACHNIL

'Fifi has been designing luxury lingerie since 1996 and in December 2009 opened her London boutique in the picturesque district of Knightsbridge, SW3.

Fifi Chachnil lingerie, pret-a-porter, swimwear and fragrance is romantic, decidant and precisely feminine. Her bijiou-boutiques of pink charmeuse curtains and fine finishing exude Parisian fantasty.

Fifi Chachnil's perfume 'Fifi' is a wonderful mixture of tobacco, coriander, amber, rose and citrus fragrances, making it a luxury perfume that will last through the day into the evening. The perfume is crafted by French perfumer and Coty Award recipient, Jean Guichard. "Fifi" perfume and eau de toilette is exclusive in London to the Knightsbridge boutique and at'

Fifi Chachnil's Beauchamp Place boutique, is one of my favourite in London. Everything about it is classic, classy & beautifully feminine in every way. It has that 1960s Parisienne air about it. It's certainly a place that you'd want to work in or own...

Fifi Chacnil in London's Beauchamp Place, is delicately placed, standing blissfully unfazed in all her elegant beauty, amongst all the hustle & bustle of the infamous Knightsbridge. This pretty-pink paradise with its bijou, boudouir-esque, vintage-repro style advocates unmistakable class, elegance & beauty.

Any vintage-vixen, suspender-seductress & connoisseur of cashmere with a love for all things pastel-coloured, feminine & lace, certainly won't be short of a feast for the pretty, luscious-lash framed eyes!

Here's some gorgeous pics I saw that I wanted to post on my blog. They're just so me!!

Dur to the fact that photography is prohibited inside Fifi Chachnil, i sourced these pictures from the web. I do not own the rights to any of these pictures, nor did I take any of them myself...

Photo: Rose tyrien silk polka dot "Dimanche Matin" Formidable bra and ruffled Chouquette brief are the perfect sweet valentine gift to yourself !

Join us après 4pm this afternoon for pink champagne at Beauchamp Place with your shopping.

Vive la Saint-Valentin!

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Photo: My Sweet Fifi Valentine ! <3

Join us at Beauchamp Place for champagne and chocolate with your shopping this Wednesday, Valentine's Day Eve.

And on our wishlist.... these "Dimanche Matin" Chouquette knickers in rose tyrien polka dot silk !

J'adore ! 


Photo: Sweet valentine champagne rosé at Beauchamp Place <3

Photo: Bonne soirée a tous! 

Announcing the final weekend of the Fifi Chachnil London Winter Sale !

We invite you to shop a selection of charming Swimwear and beautiful Lingerie ranges at a wonderful discount...

(Winter Sale ends Tuesday 12 th February)



                                                              ♥ Lots of love ♥
                                       Lover-Doll Presley

♥ The Nutcracker Window Display At Angels of London Fancy Dress, Shaftesbury Avenue♥

our Shaftesbury Avenue Store
Angels Fancy Dress Shop
119 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8AE

Angels of London boasts some of the most beautifully-made fancy dress garments & costumes in England. It was in their previous store in Camden Town during the 1970s, that my father, as a young boy, encountered a surprise meeting with the famous Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing; much to his delight! Being a fan of all the Hammer Horror movies that he'd sneak-out of his bedroom to watch at night with his older brother, my father was stunned to see Count Dracula himself, accompanied by the brave Van Helsing on a shopping trip with the studio...

One Saturday evening last year, my boyfriend & myself happened to be passing through Shaftesbury Avenue, when I cam across their stunning 'Nutcracker' window display. I couldn't help myself & whipped-out the handy digi cam... The display was stunning & the gorgeous twinkling & sparkling of the costumes caught my eye, as the glow of the spotlights showed-off.

Here they are...

                                                                 ♥ Lots of love ♥
                                        Lover-Doll Presley

Friday, 1 February 2013

The National Ballet's Production Of The Sleeping Beauty At The London Coliseum
                                                         Tamara Rojo as Princess Aurora...
 With tears of joy in my eyes at the surprise that was announced to me, excitement & anticipation in my heart, my beautiful boyfriend & I made our way to the London Coliseum for the English National Ballet’s performance of the much adored & unforgettable fairytale- Sleeping Beauty. It was our 4 year anniversary & I couldn't think of anything more beautiful to compliment our full-bellies from our delicious dinner previous, to end our day-out with!

This time it was Kenneth MacMillan’s production that was to captivate its eager audiences with a show that teamed both ravishing dances with gorgeous costumes & a tangible atmosphere....
As the lights dimmed, I put away my programme which I clutched to my chest. Then, with the orchestra's introduction, the sumptious, purple velvet curtains opened...

Tamara Rojo was to be the prima ballerina & female lead. Not only is she the artistic director of English National Ballet, but she continues to dance leading roles, much like the English National Ballet's founder Alicia Markova. This time, Rojo starring as the infamous heroine of Sleeping Beauty, as the beautiful Princess Aurora.

Rojo has a noticeable superstar-like presence & a very strong technique. Throughout parts of the performance the audience & I glared in awe as she ddisplayed her ability to dance quadruple pirouettes, leaving the orchestra playing & playing until she finished spinning. Rojo held incredible long balances in the 'Rose Adagio' act, although her best moments came in the final act, where she phrased her last solo of the night's performance with lightness & grand variety.

Another hugely impressive dancer of the night was Vadim Muntagirov, as the Prince... He appeared with such strength & agility & sometimes even appeared better by himself; he’s lyrical in the melancholy second act solo was so bright in the the third act.

Daria Klimentová danced the 'Lilac Fairy' with such wonderful, lucid authority. I preferred her dancing most of all in fact; as she possess such a lovely, elegant flow & ease with her dancing- her calm assurance in the atmospheric scenes with the wicked fairy Carabosse, were heartwarming & reassuring.

"Petipa’s choreography is full of soloist roles, a chance to show a company’s strength in depth. The fairies of the prologue were all established or rising names, with Nancy Osbaldeston particularly good in the pointing 'finger' variation. Shiori Kase flutters beautifully as Princess Florine, with Yonah Acosta jumping confidently as the Bluebird..."

The costumes were designed by the wonderful Nicholas Georgiadis. Each costume sumptuous, ornate & supremely extravagant, a sweet-like palette of dusky pastels, tastefully & intricately gilded details. I especially loved how when the court awakens after what was 100 years of slumber, their Elizabethan ruffs had been seemingly miraculously replaced by large, powdered wigs! It was quite the spectacle for those who notice & display such attention to detail. I was totally in love with the costumes just as much as I was the dancing!

The attendant fairies, however, were my favourite dancers in the whole production- they were so alive! They bestowed their gifts to Princess Aurora with such graceful benevolence. I paparticularly was taken a-back by Nancy Osbaldeston's 'Songbird Fairy.' Her sprite-like & springy performance wasn't challenged in any way by her petite frame; her dancing remaining expansive throughout. The wonderful Adela Ramirez was also stunning as the 'Fairy of the Golden Vine'. Each unhurried move was delivered with absolute precision with help from the dancer-friendly orchestral accompaniment & the conductor Gavin Sutherland.

It truly was a stunning spectacle & a feast for the eyes- one that both warmed the heart & captivated the soul. We really did have such an incredible time & I was delighted to witness such a beautiful performance & production of The Sleeping Beauty. Thank-you so much to my perfect boyfriend, for such a special & memorable day <3 xxxx

Here's some of my sneaky, vintage pics that I took during the performance:

elena glurdjidze sleeping beauty
Elena Glurdjidze, centre, here as the Lilac Fairy, in ENB's The Sleeping Beauty. Photograph: Laurent Liotardo

rojo muntagirov beauty
Tamara Rojo and her prince, Vadim Muntagirov.

daria klimentova james streeter beauty
Daria Klimentová’s Lilac Fairy and James Streeter’s Carabosse.

Lots of Love,
x Lover-Doll Presley x