Monday, 21 May 2012

♡ A Few Of My Best Vintage & Antique Market Finds ♡

I  L O V E  antique markets, vintage shops & even car boots sales- you just never know what you might find in those little places. To be honest, I prefer them over 'modern-day' shops anytime! In fact, my room is filled to the brim with my finds & collections; a total plethora of randomness & that's tasteful randomness of course.Nothing short of an Aladdin's cave, you'll find that in my boudoir, you'll start to get a little dizzy upon entry as you don't know where to look first! I take such pride in this & have arranged my collections in a window display type fashion. Everything is laid out on show like in a museum or at an exhibition. Guess its the archaeologist in me...
I thought, in-keeping with my last post on the antique market place that is Camden Passage, that I'd dedicate this blog to the best of my vintage & antique shop finds. I have many, but I'll start with these, my faves. So, here goes...

                               A stunning, original 1950s Rosarium, made in France.

My daddy brought these back from France for me when I was 18...
He got them from an antiques market in Paris.
They date from around the late 1940s, early 1950s!
I have a lot of Ballet books, but these two are my most precious & favourite!

A stunning, original & mint condition, pre-Victorian journal called 'Leisure Hour'...
Dated to the 7th of December 1854!
This cost a mere £3!!!

I have ALWAYS wanted a bust of Marilyn & never knew where to find one?
Even ebay had nothing :-/
I found her in a vintage/antique shop that used to be in Kentish Town, called Cobwebs.
It was such a great little place & my sister & I even managed to find a HUGE doll's house in there which we later bought...

                                            Lots of Love,
                                  ♡ Lover-Doll Presley
                                            x TCB x

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