Friday, 4 May 2012

♥ The Sensitive Kind...♥

Being half Greek/Cypriot on my Father's side, I was given the passion & the temper of an ancient Greek warrior & lover, but that stunning, olive-skinned glow gene to match was destined to skip me & went straight to my gorgeous little sister instead. Ah well, in it's place I was blessed enough to inherited my beautiful mother's English rose complexion & blue eyes... What's life without variety, eh?!

I guess my love for all things cosmetic & glamorous started when I was a little girl and my sister & I would excitedly rummage through the many colourful, alluringly scented & timeless wonders that would fill our mummy's make-up draws & bags. Silently they lay, peaceful & undisturbed, until they were to be unearthed & unwillingly captured by our chubby, little hands! That's when the obsession started... Before I knew it my mother & late grandmother were adding to my collection of vintage cosmetic compacts, perfumes, lipsticks... I guess it was more about the packaging than the product for me; I'm certainly the little magpie. But there's just that certain something about the smell of a brand new lipstick...I suppose it was my obsession with the past; it's beauty, the romance, the chivalry & wanting to preserve it that led me to become an archaeologist?
I've always been the girl who matched the nail varnish on her fingers & toes, tastefully marinaded herself head-to-toe in French perfume, dusted her porcelain skin with powder, rouged her cheeks & painted her lips crimson. Anything that smelt of my Mediterranean homeland's roses or was reminiscent of bygone eras had to be mine! My mother, grandmothers, Victorian ladies in their boudoirs & the massive, voluminous hair, alluring make-up & the sexy style of those voluptuous starlets of the 1960's Hammer House films, that graced my television growing-up, that inspired me to want to become as feminine, delicate & as lady-like as the women of old. I loved the air of mystery & allure that beauty, both inside as well as out, can create...

I have THE most sensitive & delicate skin. In fact, I have a number of allergies & intolerances to a majority of products out there. Additives such as Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate, Linalol, etc are in a majority of products on the market, as they make them cheaper to make. But to those of us that are the sensitive kind, we must avoid at all costs.

My journey in search of this & that free products has led me to many different brands over the years. I have been fortunate to wok for Crabtree & Evelyn & L'Occitane En Provence which produce & sell many beauty products such as soaps, body powders & lotions containing Rosewater, traditional fragrances such Lavender, Lily of the Valley, fresh flowers, herbs & fruits from the gardens & orchards, distilled to make fragrant waters for the bath & soothing essences for the skin. The magic of the still room comes these little luxuries.

Check out a natural supermarket or a 'Whole Foods' near you, for some of the best, allergen-free products...

Here's the link to my article on the 'BEAUTYLISH' website:

Lots of Love,
Lover-Doll Presley
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  1. Ugh! I feel you! My skin is always giving me hell. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey Michelle! Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog :-) Aww, my pleasure, glad it helped...

      Hehehe. Indeed it's a bit of a nightmare at first to find somethign suitable, but I guess it's all about shopping around. Any excuse to shop though ;-P