Wednesday, 16 May 2012

♥ My Vintage Barbie & Sindy & Retro Dolly Buys ♥


Ok, ok... I guess I have to live upto my name Lover-Doll, don't I?

I was first called 'dolly' & 'little dolly' when I was a baby, as everybody said I looked just like one. With my large blue, eyes, button-se, rosy cheeks & pouty, pink lips... Not to mention the platinum bonde, tiny pigtails or ponytails I used to have, decorated with bows & the little frilly , lace & floral dresses I'd wear with little socks & patent dolly shoes. The name has stuck & eventuakky become ;little lover-doll' when I met my boyfriend as hed play the guitar & sinf Elvis Presley's 'Lover Doll' to me, as he too thinks I resemle a dolly, hheheehe. But most of all, it because I loved dolls soooo much! I had hundreds; those I broke, chewed, cuddled, lost, kissed, etc. You name it. So, after my namesake a doll-love, I have decided to blog about dolls today & show you some of my favourite from my collection...

 I have always loved dolls & adored 1960s dollies & Barbie dolls in particular since a very young age. Nearly every little girl loves dolls & the older I get, the more I appreciate their beauty.

I start with my most prized doll of them all... A few years back, my daddy bought me this stunning 'Vintage Barbie' from a collector & her ebay site... Now you may think that all old Barbies, up to the 70s say, are called vintage, but they have many different names depending on their era. I have 'Vintage Barbie' which is rarer to find & dates from 1959 - 1960. My Barbie has 1959 exactly stamped on her bum & comes in a Mattel 1963 carry case...

                                                               Vintage Barbie 1959 - 1960

1959 Vintage Ponytail Barbie Doll in Zebra Swimsuit "Barbie was first introduced, in her now famous black and white swimsuit, in 1959. The first Barbie had a ponytail and came with a stand, sunglasses and black open toe shoes.

In her debut year, the "teen fashion model" had 22 ensembles. Some were casual, but most were glamorous and well accessorized.

The three outfits that were discontinued after 1959 are some of the most valuable and highly sought after by collectors, because they were made in smaller numbers and are now considered rare."

Here's a list of Barbie's stages in chronological order. just click on each one & follow the link to the associated site to view each Barbie & their ensembles:

           Info from the amazing website 'Fashion Doll Guide':

My Sindy Shower, circa late-60s, early-70s...

With the bath towel & mat...
 Sindy sink that I found at a car boot sale! It cost me £1.50p!!!!
Next we have 'Melissa-Cathy', named after my baby sister (Melissa) & the precious doll my mummy had as a little girl which she absolutely adored (Cathy). My sister bought me her as a 24th birthday present last year from a vintage/antique store in Camden's Stables Market... I adore her, she's soooo cute & the fact that she is dressed like a little pilot makes her even more unusual looking...

Last of my top 3, but by no means least, my adorable 'Daisy'. She's musical & plays 'Rainbows Keep Falling On My Head'...


  1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial High Quaility HQ!  


            Check-out the best Barbie website I've found, called
                                      'Fashion Doll Guide':
                                                                   Check out:


Right here on Blogger! These ladies have the most beautiful Barbie collection!

Here's some gorgeous Barbie pics from the web. MainlyVintage Barbies & Mod Barbies...

Amazing 1980s Barbie

I had her!!!!

Barbie Perfume Maker...

 Lots of Love,
Lover-Doll Presley
x TCB x


  1. Nice post! I always appreciate the unique effort specially when it is about on a topic for young generation. Barbie games is always entice the young, specially to young girls. Because they love to wear up a barbie.
    jogos da barbie

    1. Hi jogos da barbie, thank-you for your comment, very glad you liked my post! I agree- Barbie has had massive international influence on both younger and older audiences. Sadly people often forget that Barbie is a toy, a doll and that's what she should remain- not to encourage this unrealistic 'ideal' of physical perfection. Things are always taken out of context nowadays. x