Sunday, 6 May 2012

♥ My Current Beauty Wishlist & Must-Haves ♥

Badger, Rose Geranium Soap <3
I adore Roses, they are stunning, especially

'Damascus' & 'Bulgarian' (tends to be sweeter), is amazing
for you skin. It soothes & softens & is particularly good for those with
sensitive & drier skin...

For those of you that know me well, I am "healthily" obsessed with my cosmetics & beauty products. My dressing table(s), are cluttered with my must-haves & can't live with outs.

I've never been one to wear loads of make-up, despite my love for it & I religiously abide by the "less is more" rule completely. Yet I am a total sucker for anything pink, decorative,vintage, shiny & pretty,
packaging-wise. You'll often find me fluttering towards an object like a butterfly, but with the mind of a magpie, hehehee!

Recently I had a good spring-clean product-wise & ended-up chucking quite a few things away as they were past their expiry date. This really made me realise that I just may be a make-up hoarder!!!!!! I swallowed hard at the ever worsening thought that I may just have a slight issue here hahaha. HELP!

Anyway, pushing that image to the side for the moment; I'll work on that later, I must say that I do tend to use almost everything as regular as possible & the things I do buy, have to be quality, but not necessarily pricey!

Here's a few pics of what I'm really into at the mo...

     I have to get this Paul & Joe Primer...
 It's sooooo hard to find & retails around the £40 mark, which isn't cheap, I must say.

In fact, I'd more than likely buy it just to look at it all day, heehee. The primer looks like little balls of sweeties <3
   Paul & Joe nail polishes.
  It's more than the colours for me... Just look at those bottles!!! <3

   Badger 'Damascus Rose' Antioxidant Body Oil...
This smells incredible & I find the added Lavender & Chamomile really soothing. It's certified as USDA Organic, which is very important to look for,as are similar certifications when specifically looking for these types of products; especially for those of you like myself, who suffer from allergies to a lot of un-natural & man-made additives to products. Basically, this means that it is as organically made as possible.

My oh my! Can you get any yummier? NO!!!
You see, the thing is with me, I will lick these off my lips as soon as I've applied them!
I have a super sweet tooth you see....
For all you cat lovers out there...
Paul & Joe's NEW collection.
So cute & again, another product I'd rather just stare at & swoon over than use, hehee!
   Paul & Joe Make-Up Remover...
It's PINK, it's pweety & it works! What more could you wish for :-D

Paul & Joe
Powder Compact & Loose Powder with puff...

I really want Besame's 'Sweetheart Balm'...
It's just so cute & vintage looking & in all the best colours for a subtle, feminine pout.

THE best soap EVER! Jojoba oil is incredibly nourishing & softening & this soap is bursting with it. As it's 'tripple milled', it's going to last for ages as the bar is made-up of many layers, each as moisturising as the last, so it'll stay lathery & full of scent & goodness until the very last bit!
Plus, it is HUGE!

Lots of Love,
Lover-Doll Presley.
x TCB x

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