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♥ Monica Vitti, Sixties Siren ♥

One of my favourite actresses of all time is Monica Vitti. To me, her stunning screen presence has often captures the essence of the character she is portraying & her natural acting style keeps me captivated throughout, even where there are no words. Vitti's ability to say it all, just with a look, made her an international star & became one of Italy's most famous actresses of the 20th century....

Born Maria Luisa Ceciarelli on the 3rd of November 1931, Rome. After changing her name to Monica Vitti, she went on to star in her first ever film role, in Ettore Scola's 'Ridere Ridere Ridere' (1954). But it was to be her wonderful performance in Mario Amendola's 'Le dritte' (1958), at the age of 26, that was to get her noticed in the world of cinema.

In 1957 Vitti joined the renowned Michelangelo Antonioni's 'Teatro Nuovo di Milano', where she went on to play the leading role in his internationally praised, award winning film 'L'avventura' (1960). This was the first film I saw with Vitti & her role as a detached, cool protagonist, really caught my attention. A role she played so well. In 'L'Avventura,' Vitti seemingly drifts into a rather unexpected relationship with the lover of her missing girlfriend, a tale of many twists & turns that lead to powerful, open end.

Vitti received critical praise for starring in numerous other film roles under Antonioni, in the follow-up two films of his trilogy 'La Notte' (Night, 1961), 'L'Eclisse' (Eclipse, 1962) & the acclaimed
'Red Desert' (Red Desert, 1964), which are often referred to as a series.

Vitti has won five David di Donatello Awards for best Actress & seven Golden Globes for Best Actress. Amongst that Vitti has also been awarded with the Career Golden Globe & the Venice Film Festival Career Golden Lion Award. In 1993 Vitti was awarded the Festival Tribute at the Créteil International Women's Film Festival in France.

I love Vitti's style throughout all her roles. From long hair to short, dark to blonde, she has always steals the show.




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