Friday, 11 May 2012

♥ Elvis Has Entered The Building: Elvis On Tour Concert At The O2, March 16th 2012 ♥

WOW!!!! It was absolutely amazing... How can I describe the feeling of seeing your idol in all is beauty on a huge screen?

Ok, The King wasn't there in person per-say, but let's face it, this is the closest I'm going to get to seeing him in concert until I see him live in Heaven one day right, hahaha?
We arrived at the o2 Arena London during rush hour. It was a rather chilly, rainy night for March rain clouds look like they were about to release a down-pour, reminiscent of the night before & every other night for a week previous. But whether the rain planned to make a comeback in true British-style, epic & thundering, worthy of The King himself, I knew my giddy spirit couldn't be dampened by it, or by the commuters & their smelly, sweaty pits either, urghuurrr!

The wait for the tickets to arrive was a rather impatient & eager one on my behalf, I must say! It was compared to that of 'a child waiting for Christmas' by some a number of times. Every day since they were ordered I would ask my man the same relentless & annoying-phrased rhetorical question if they had arrived yet, when I knew they hadn't as when purchasing they did say they'd take over a month to arrive... With a grating "are they here yet?
ringing in his ears, my boyfriend replied ever-so patiently, with a resounding "sorry baby, not yet", for at least 3 weeks. My heart would sink with disappointment every time, not that it made any difference. It was the concert itself I should've been anticipating, but with this countries postal system, I was worried that they'll go arry... But finally the tickets & the day arrived none-the-less & I was a very happy bunny indeed!

It always takes me ages to decide what to wear, I'm sooo annoying like that & that day was no exception. My favourite line is "having a lot of clothes is totally different to having something to wear!!!" I mean, what was I to go for? I wanted to be 'Elvis-themed' & that meant one thing only; my favourite Elvis t-shirt that I bought in a vintage shop in Camden Lock a few years ago with one of my best buds, Lucy. I remember when I saw it peeping out of a rail. It was calling my name in a Southern-drool... It must have been Elvis ;-P It was waiting for me. It had to be mine & at a price of £5, I would've been silly not to!!! I decided that pinning holes in it had to be done & attached my glorious Elvis badges all over. I then teamed that with my staple look; my emulation of Priscilla Presley's iconic 60s style; lip liner, pink lipstick, backcombed hair, pencilled brows, kohl-lined eyes & black mascara (tastefully applied of course. I hope?) every inch of me becoming the embodiment of a true & perhaps stereotypical 'fan of The King'...

My lovely boyfriend, dressed as slick & as effortlessly cool, as always & I stepped-off the stuffy underground, holding hands with a smile beaming from ear-to-ear. We're both HUGE Elvis fans,being raised on The King & we we're soooo excited to be seeing The Elvis Concert Tour here in London.

As the distant footage of an Elvis impersonator made his way to the stage I felt my eyes well with tears. I know it sounds silly but those of us who are massive fans of something or someone always feel that same burst of excitement & adrenaline rush merely at the thought, let alone site of them! As the music began, the image of Elvis appeared & the crowd released a roar like a pride of lions. As the lights dimmed, the live music by his original TCB Band blaring, me singing along already & with Elvis' name being chanted by hundreds, even thousands of people, I took out my camera & the rest they say, was history...

Here are some of my pics from that incredible night, where we sang, we danced, we gazed on in awe & had a laugh. It was incredible to see the TCB Band & all the original members right in front of us....

The o2...
Me telling my parents that we arrived safely, hehehee!



I had the most amaaaaazing time ever & have nothing but such wonderful memories. I want to thank my baby for taking us bless him! He knew how much this meant to me!!!

                                            Lots of Love,
                                       Lover-Doll Presley
                                               x TCB x

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