Monday, 14 October 2013

The Timeless Glamour of Bellville Sassoon

Tourists with dark, damp backpacks carrying soggy maps, reminiscent of old newspapers that lie defeated in the murky, grey gutters of old London Town. The city's business folk in their fine, tailoring, locals & shoppers alike, all gathered & huddled in their dozens under the high arches of London Bridge Underground Station, into what appeared to be a unified montage of wet faces & clothes. Desperately seeking shelter.

Rain cascaded from the grey rooftops of Tooley Street; the clouds, ever-filling vessels of rainwater. This was the start to what would become a day full of the colourful elegance of The Fashion & Textile Museum's exhibition on the Bellville Sassoon collection...

Cars sped-by in flashes of wet colour. Vans & motorcycles all passed by in a blur through my dampened, black lashes. Despite the pink umbrella that sheltered me; wrapped-up all warm, the merciless skies continued its tirade if torment onto the mere mortals the resided below the heavens; ruining boots, freshly-coiffed heads, trouser hems & the odd, spray-tanned bare legs, now streaky & somewhat orange, that were still clinging to the hope that the long-gone, warm, summer sunshine would return for another brief spell. No such luck!

Through tunnels under construction & blockaded roads appearing from dark corners like something from an apocalyptic zombie movie, the pink brilliance of The Fashion & Textile Museum appeared out of the fading distance. No amount of rain could dampen my excitement! An array of sparkling, delicately crafted, glamour of a bygone era awaited my magpie-peepers...

After purchasing my ticket, I made my way into the first room of dresses on display. It was a room of royal dresses, a me; being a fan of the monarchy, it was a delight to see stunning dresses that were once worn by princesses, aristocrats & ladies alike.

The atmosphere felt alive with the wonderful memories that seemed to still cling to the array of dresses & gowns, yet I couldn't help but feel a little sad & sombre as I drifted from one display to another. A classical rendition of Moon River, synonymous with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's, gently played, seemingly accompanying my journey through time & elegance, as each gown's finery progressed to a new level of delicateness.

Each mannequin stood glowing-white; simple, poised & plain. Her fine garment represented her. It was sad to see each stunning gown, once so alive with the movement & life of the body of the lady who once wore it, remain so silent, unmoved, almost frozen in time. As if they would remain in that single moment of joy the wearer felt; captured. It was a shame to know that each masterpiece was standing there, never to be worn again to a royal affair, a ball or a soiree. Perhaps that's for the best. Like a lady's wedding dress; worn once, memorable & specific to that special occasion, kept to its very best, there to be admired, preserved...

For over half a century, Bellville Sassoon has been synonymous with high fashion, timeless elegance & luxury quality.

Since the 1960s, Bellville Sassoon has become Britain’s foremost couture label. Belinda Bellville, the founder, found her designer equal in David Sassoon. In time the pair teamed-up with Lorcan Mullany, a fellow designer & began to dress some of the world’s most famous & stylish women, including Princess Diana of Wales.

The plethora of dresses adorning each mannequin traced the opulent history of British glamour; from the couture houses of the late 1950s, to the variety of celebrities who became fond clients of Bellville Sassoon. It also features a section on the influence of the 'ready-to-wear' culture & Vogue patterns of the time...

The Exhibition runs from the 20 September 2013 – 11 January 2014

Lots of love,
Lover-Doll Presley
x TCB x