Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rhodes & It's Old Town. A Place of Forgotten Dreams...

My boyfriend & only I got back from our wonderful, romantic & simply stunning, culture-fest of a holiday in Rhodes the other day & already I'm posting a blog on my latest pieces of inspired photography...

Only a stones-throw away from our hotel in Kolympia, we stumbled across this magnificent, traditional home on one of our daily adventures & treks. Luck would have it that this place was completely derelict so we were free to explore...

Slumped in the warm, comforting, midday sun, this old-style, traditional Greek homes remained silent, cold, empty, un-loved & sadly neglected. Although this was the case, it was that very truth that made it so beautiful! If it was lovingly restored to its former, youthful self, I feel it would lose its ageing beauty. It would become like a botox granny & its cracks, not matter how hidden & covered, would eventually creep out of hiding & peek through it's disguised facade.

Both my boyfriend & I are Greek/Cypriot, well, I'm half. The other is an eclectic mix of English, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Scottish & even Native American. That aside, our culture & it's wonderful traditions have always meant a lot to us; held dear to our hearts & have been apart of our lives, memories & childhood since we can remember. It was homes like this that would have traditionally been owned by our ancestors etc & our grandparents would have been raised in something very similar back in the day, in their home-villages in Cyprus.

Later that day we ventured into the Old Town of Rhodes (Rhodos). After a long & arduous bus-ride, hand-in-hand we began yet another adventure. Thousands of snaps later, I decided to pick-out the best of the traditional architecture that could be found around the Old Town; remaining un-touched in all it's glory. It's Ottoman influence from is heyday of Crusade history, can clearly be seen throughout the Old Town. At points, you felt like you were in a bazaar in Morocco or Marrakesh.

So, without any further delay, here they are...


Lots of Love
Lover-Doll Presley
x TCB x

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