Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Unlikely Inspiration?

I always seem to find myself aimlessly staring into my wardrobe, into what I can only describe as an abyss consisting of layers of clothes- old, new, vintage, modern, just trying to decide what to wear, yet all efforts remain futile! It's depths oft reminds me of the dark, seemingly endless, underwater
passages that led to Ursula's laire in The Little Mermaid. Except what lies at the bottom of the wardrobes for me isn't the rotund-witch & songstress herself, but yet more indecisiveness. Indeed, the 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' that are my clothes just hang there, lifeless, waiting to be chosen like those of us girls & boys that just never seemed to fit-in at school & would wait to be picked in hope of a quick dance at the school ball or prom....

I honestly believe that this very ritual I go through daily, sometimes twice-daily, epitomises the well-coined saying "just because I have a lot of clothes, doesn't mean that I have anything to wear!!!!" That rather funny exclamation is usually followed by a huff, a puff & a disgruntled groan. You see, I'm not very good at being punctual at times, especially when finding it difficult to decide on what to wear. As Marilyn Monroe once over-enunciated on those pillar-red lips, in that unmistakable, breathy voice: "I've been on a calendar, but I'm never on time..." The same doesn't apply to me quite so much in the same context as it did Marilyn, but you get the picture.

Some say they dress how they feel, some say that they dress accordingly to their lifestyle, some by what makes them feel comfortable; hiding those bits & bobs that make them feel insecure- others wear this seconds current trend. I on the other-hand look to my favourite movies for inspiration when feeling rather stuck on what to wear. Whatever the occasion may be; a beautiful, romantic night with my man or shopping with my fellow dolls, I don't ever find myself ringing my friends to ask what they're thinking of wearing or fumbling through endless ads and magazine pages, palms sweating, panicking as time is of the essence. I just put-on a fave movie of mine the night before, sit back, take mental notes & enjoy... You see for me, watching a film is far better inspiration than that of any other I can find- other than the odd Google Image search of my favourite starlet (that usually works, too). I love the 90s & the 60s look more than any other, especially at the moment, so I put on a 90s movie etc... I find that when you watch a movie & you favour one character or decade in particular, you can find that throughout the movie, you'll get to see that character dressed in many different outfits in one given film. One of my favourite style inspiration films, for example, is Beyond The Valley of The Dolls. I LOVE everything in this film, so naturally I look to this movie for ideas...

Think Drew Barrymore in 'Poison Ivy', Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 'Crazy' & 'Crying' videos, 1990s Tiffani-Amber Thiessen in 'She Fought Alone', Sharon Tate in 'Valley of The Dolls', Cynthia Myers in 'Beyond The Valley of The Dolls' & Debora Caprioglio in 'Paprika', the make-up & hair of early Cindy Crawford. At the moment its all about crop tops and denim shorts for me, velvet dresses, worn with 90s-esque grunge boots, bands t-shirts, a leather rucksack & leather or preferably my new denim jacket, worn with silver ankh jewellery etc, for when I'm feeling all 90s. For my 60s moments, its vintage, vintage & yet more vintage. This usually consists of pink dresses, minis, midis & pencil, teamed with a cute knit, big, voluminous hair, massive, chunky heels, or Mediterranean, clingy, village dresses that accentuate the natural, womanly curves; something that would make Tinto Brass & Russ Meyer lust after for their female leads!

Here are a few examples of my favourite style inspirations at the moment;

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

Cindy Crawford..

Alicia Silverstone...

Drew Barrymore...

Marina Diamandis, of Marina And The Diamonds...

Jayne Mansfield...

Claudia Cardinale...

Tina Aumont...

Serena Grandi...

Cynthia Myers....


Lots of Love
Lover-Doll Presley
x TCB x


  1. agree with absolutely everything you said. films are the best place for inspiration. I actually blogged about this yesterday

  2. Hey Hanna,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you agree :-) They really are so inspiring, aren't they? I've always found my inspiration in movies, for years now...

    Oh really hahaa, great!! What a coincidence... I'll check it out now :-D xxx

  3. Yay for the 90s love + (as always) vintage love :) I've noticed that 90s fashions have started to make a HUGE comeback. Keep up the amazing work with your blog!

    Stay Glamorous!

    xxx Lottie Lee

    1. Hey lovely!!

      Always been a fan too! Yeah, huge at the moment!! So happy about that hehee :-D Still, although the fashion is more accessible, I'm still trawling those vintage shops for original goodies...

      Awww thank-you hunni <3 LOVE your site btw, just checked it out... It's so darling! Such a cool name, too! The layout is so pweety, it's a great read & there are some seriously brilliant pics! Plus, anything pink always sets my heart a-pounding :-)

      Stay vintage & glam too, dolly!

      xxxxx Lover-Doll Presley xxxxx

  4. Hey
    Drew Barrymore was always my fav in the 90s Grunge era! shes soooo beautiful!
    and so was Claudia Cardinale
    we have the same style icons!
    ☮ ☯ x x ❤ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


    1. Hey!

      She was, wasn't she?! She wore the BEST stuff! As for Claudia Cardinale, she was super glamourous & beautiful. The 60s are my fave era ever!

      Hehehe, we do indeed lady!

      xxx <3