Monday, 25 February 2013

♥ The Nutcracker Window Display At Angels of London Fancy Dress, Shaftesbury Avenue♥

our Shaftesbury Avenue Store
Angels Fancy Dress Shop
119 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8AE

Angels of London boasts some of the most beautifully-made fancy dress garments & costumes in England. It was in their previous store in Camden Town during the 1970s, that my father, as a young boy, encountered a surprise meeting with the famous Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing; much to his delight! Being a fan of all the Hammer Horror movies that he'd sneak-out of his bedroom to watch at night with his older brother, my father was stunned to see Count Dracula himself, accompanied by the brave Van Helsing on a shopping trip with the studio...

One Saturday evening last year, my boyfriend & myself happened to be passing through Shaftesbury Avenue, when I cam across their stunning 'Nutcracker' window display. I couldn't help myself & whipped-out the handy digi cam... The display was stunning & the gorgeous twinkling & sparkling of the costumes caught my eye, as the glow of the spotlights showed-off.

Here they are...

                                                                 ♥ Lots of love ♥
                                        Lover-Doll Presley

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